Thursday, 10 February 2011

My wee pal Bethany...

Unfortuantely I haven't been crafting too much recently, with one thing and another, although always find time to have a quick look at my favourite blogs. Kerry's Ladybug Crafts Ink is one of my favourites, and I had my friend's 11 year old daughter (I borrow her as much as I can...) on Wednesday for a "crafting night". I had offered her a choice from my stamp box and she promptly chose Ladybug Crafts Ink Ruby Fairy, which I might add I had only purchased the week before and never got round to using, so Bethany, who just loved the image, chose Ruby. (for sale from ( We sat together, chatted, ate choccies (not too many) and crafted. Here is her creation and, thanks Kerry's guidance, her introduction to Glamour Dust. (Kerry told me about this at a demo day and I promptly purchased and use it loads!). Bethany loved it too.
I had a wee box of the alphabets, only 99p and a great buy, and I broke off the individual letters and we spelt out "Happy Birthday" she patiently stamped and stuck them on (pure admiration for her patience)., and lo and behold her lovely card. I suggested taking a pic and as the current challenge was "a card for a child..." this fit the bill perfectly. I emailed her card and (thank you Kerry and your Design Team) Bethany's card was posted on blog with lovely comments. Let me just say, Bethany is thrilled and I actually think we are more chuffed to have this recognition that the challenge win gift! So, thanks Bethany for being a great crafting buddy, and to Ladybug Crafts Ink team for making a wee girl's day, much appreciated. (p.s. Bethany and I are going to the SECC in four weeks, our girls' day out and can't wait...).

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  1. we all loved bethany's card .. and we hope to see more
    Lisa ;)